Everything about the Moors and Christians Festival in Mojacar

The Moors and Christians Festival in Mojacar

This Festival in Mojacar is held every year in June and is a celebration of the town’s history. Mojacar’s history is heavily influenced by its Moorish past, which dates back to the time when the Moors ruled much of Spain.

Divided into two groups

During the festival, the townspeople are divided into two groups: the Moors and the Christians. The Moors are dressed in exotic attire, while the Christians are dressed in armor and military uniforms. People from both groups gather in the town’s main square for a dramatic reenactment of the battle between the Moors and Christians.


The reenactment of the battle is intense and exciting, with traditional music and dance accompanying the dramatization. Spectators are taken back to the time when Moors and Christians fought for control of the region, and the tension in the air is palpable.

In addition to the battle reenactment, the festival also features a parade of floats, showcasing the attire and culture of both groups. Visitors can enjoy the sight of the participants parading through the town’s streets, and they can also enjoy the music and dance accompanying the parade.

During the festival, there are also a series of cultural and entertainment events, such as costume contests, concerts, and food and drink fairs. Visitors can enjoy the lively nightlife of the town during the festival and experience the excitement of the local culture.

For those looking to experience the authentic culture of Mojacar, the Moors and Christians Festival is a unique and exciting experience. The celebration is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich history and culture of the region and to experience the excitement of a battle that has been reenacted in the town for centuries.

In conclusion, the Moors and Christians Festival in Mojacar is an exciting and colorful celebration of the town’s history and culture. The battle reenactment, parade of floats, and cultural and entertainment events make this festival a unique and unforgettable experience. If you are planning to visit Andalusia in June, be sure to include the Moors and Christians Festival in Mojacar in your itinerary.

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